Tired of your lawn man not showing up? Tired of him leaving grass clippings on your lawn, curb, and driveway?
Tired of seeing those weeds around the fence line and bushes not trimmed and shaped? 

Tired of cutting your own grass? 

Tired of having the worst looking lawn on the block? 

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*I would like to say thank you to you and the gentlemen who mowed the lawn for me last Friday. He did a great job. The lawn looks great! Especially the far end of the backyard. Thanks."  Omar S.


*"I just left my house and your guys were just wrapping up. They did a fabulous job. Thanks for taking care of me on short notice!"  Tammy B.


 *"Thank you so much! The yard looks great."  Cassie Y.


 *"Hats off too you guys for the work you did. The transformation over the last two weeks has been amazing. You guys must have worked hard and we really appreciate it. Thanks for all your help this season so far."  Gloria W.


 *Thanks for your help with keeping up our lawn year after year."  Kimberly T.


*"Thank you for the good care of my lawn. I have the best looking lawn on my block."  Curtis L.


*"Just wanted to let you know that  you and Eric did a great job on the pruning-I didn’t know it could look so good. Everything looks great and you guys are doing an awesome job."    Margaret.


*"Thanks for a great year again!"  Mr. Walker W.


 *Thanks for your great service. We hope that the new owners will sign on with you! Have a good holiday!"  Dewayne N.


*"Hi, this is Kiva A. from Prime Heritage. Just wanted you to know that your guys did an awesome job last week cleaning up all the leaves, nuts and junk at our place. Everyone was talking over the weekend and was amazed at how clean you got our yard. We are all so happy with your work. Thanks again and you will be doing our property again next year." Kiva & AJ A.


*"Thanks for the work this year. The lawn is looking much better and we get many compliments… So please make a note to call me in the Spring and we can meet here. Thanks again."  Ms. Warren.


 *"Thanks guys! The property looks perfect. Keep up the great work."       Ms. Kathy P.

*Your service has been outstanding. Please let me know if there are any issues I should be aware of. Thanks."  Rev. Jesse H.


*"Thanks, you did a great job."  Sankum.

* "The young man you have doing my yard is very conscientious and very courteous and I am very pleased. Also, my yard is the best it’s ever looked and I have lived here for over 15 years."   Ms. Ida P.


 *Just wanted to let you know the patio is in and it looks great. We really appreciate it and your guys did a great job. That’s it.  Thank you so much!"    Jerome F.


*I just wanted to let you know that your guys did an excellent job. They exceeded our expectations. I was in the service industry and only heard from my customers when something went wrong, so I wanted to let you know that everything went perfectly. Thought it was important that you hear this.  

Take care."   Trina H.


 *"The guys did a good job on the clean up in the yard. I’ll need more work later. Thanks."   Erica H.


 *The guys did another good job on the clean up and the shrub trimming. They really worked hard and they are nice guys"  Erica H.


*"I just wanted to let you know I was really, really happy with the service you provided."  Ms. Smith.


 *"You did a great job for me this last time-and all year. See ya next year."         Rev. Hilton.


 *"Please thank that older gentleman who works for you.  He may be old but he’s spry!  Thanks so much for the great work this year.   Happy New Year! See you in spring!"   Talisha & Morrio C.


 *I was very satisfied with your mowing this season and wanted to let you know your guys did a great job. Thanks."   Bryan S.


 *Thanks for the nice job-the yard looked great! Have a great Christmas!"         Ms. Pauly


 *"Thanks for a wonderful "green" season." Mr. Gailey.

  *Thanks for your good work for us the last few years. I gave your name to the new owners of our house. Good Luck."  Donna S.


 *Many thanks for the great service. Now that the leaves are mostly off, could you please do at least one more mowing to the long grass and mulch the rest of the leaves? Thanks."   Dr. Denita H.